Leinender - Trance DJ & Producer 

French born producer and DJ Leinender is truly a multi-faceted artist; having tried his hands at so many disciplines from thrilling live performance to movie score composition and even film making – while keeping that very unique style signature he had become known for!

As a music producer, Leinender has become a respected name in the industry with his innovative style! In only a few years he had seen his tracks being supported by legendary Ferry Corsten and many other of the world’s prominent DJs such as Enersto vs Bastian, Tydi, Mark Sherry, Mr Sam and many more!

He started producing in 2004 and signed his first release “Setith Club” a year after, which was licensed and distributed all over Europe. One year later he released “Corrupted” which was the first to break European’s border and receive international exposure on the trance scene. Following on this success, he decided to launch his own imprint “Frozenforce” as a support for his own productions.

It’s with his new venture that he would release the hit single “Wastefullness” in 2008, which was aired on national radio in more than 13 countries! Later in 2010 he released his debut artist album “Epiphaneia”, which was also well received in the Medias - reflecting a complete evolution in his creative musical process. In 2011 and 2012 he released trance EPs like “Renaissance” (featuring Mr Sam remix) and “Human Motion” (featuring Mark Sherry remix) - both gaining a significant support from the scene. In the fall of 2012 he signed “Meet Me Away” with Spanish label Squad Music - a radio single featuring French singer Sophie Lou. The single also features a music video which was aired on European TV channels and received several awards.

When not busy in the studio, Leinender also performs as a DJ - He started djing on vinyl almost a decade ago and matured his style over the years playing in numerous events around the world. From Europe to Asia, he kept on innovating and trying new concepts to improve his performances. Known for his banging tech-trance sound and perfectly flowing sets, Leinender is the type of DJ that can always surprise you, only one thing is sure – he will rock the place!

Besides music, the French producer is also very fond of photography and film making. He started directing his own music videos and later went on directing commercials, short films and music videos for other artists. He is currently working on a full length feature film, which is to be shot in India next year.

Full of surprises, Leinender continues pushing the envelope as an artist! With a unique blend of trance – Cold & Dark – he surely won’t let you indifferent...



Singles / EPs

  • 2013 Cinquante-Six Frozenforce
  • 2012 Meet Me Away ft Sophie Lou Squad Music (Spain)
  • 2012 Human Motion Frozenforce
  • 2011 Wastefulness 2011 Frozenforce
  • 2011 Etherium Cycle Frozenforce
  • 2011 Renaissance Frozenforce
  • 2010 Soundforgers Frozenforce
  • 2008 Alley Cats vs D.R.U.N.K.E.N Frozenforce
  • 2008 Wastefulness Frozenforce
  • 2007 Sight of the Unseen Frozenforce
  • 2006 Corrupted HB Sound
  • 2005 Setith Club Music Plus



  • 2011 Mike Karlan - Balearic People Beyond Recordings
  • 2010 Vincent Licata - Escape from Earth Frozenforce
  • 2009 Cryonik - Soulcure[d] Frozenforce
  • 2009 Vincent Licata - Phase Eleven Frozenforce
  • 2008 Law - Redemption Frozenforce
  • 2008 Ecchymoze - Peepshow Alien Prod
  • 2005 Yaron Ilani - Electrode Fiberline Audio


Leinender  - Collapse Leinender  - Cinquante-Six Leinender - Meet Me Away Leinender - Human Motion Leinender - Wastefulness 2011 Leinender vs Vincent Licata - Etherium Cycle