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If you don’t see my updates on Facebook…

Written by Leinender. Posted in Random Thoughts

Since a few months I am receiving emails of people complaining that they don’t see the updates from my page in their feed; I didn’t took it too seriously at first, but after some time I decided to run some experiment and check what was actually happening…

We found out that some people indeed do not receive the updates; they are just nowhere to be found in their feed.  We have contacted Facebook about this matter and we have been told that “they are working on a new algorithm which MAY be the cause of the problem” but in the meantime we should continue posting “engaging content” on the site...

In fact over the course of one year we have seen the average number of view per post drop by a factor of 30, although the number of subscribers has almost doubled (now 22,000+) – how is that logic?
Another interesting fact is that we have noticed a very sudden drop immediately after trying out a “Sponsored Story” (it’s a paid campaign: we actually pay Facebook to get more exposure on a specific content). Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or is it some sort of incentive to purchase more advertising?

I have also discussed with other artists and to my surprise it seems there are actually a lot of people with the same problem. That’s very frustrating to see people who have willingly subscribed to receive updates and not getting them…

On a more personal note, I always wondered why I never see any updates from some long time friends, while I keep on getting every single status post of some others at the top of my feed… Is Facebook trying to determine which content is more interesting for us? What do you think?

So I’d like to encourage you to check regularly and rely more on my official website to stay up to dates with what’s going on… You can also subscribe to the newsletter and we will send you an email every time a new release is available (or for any other significant event).

Happy New Year 2012!!!

Written by Leinender. Posted in Random Thoughts

I’d like to wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous New Year 2012! I would also like thank everybody who have supported me this year, please know I am very grateful of your support.

And last but not the least, a big thanks to all of you who have taken a little bit of your time to check out my music – because at the end of the day - what makes me really happy is to see people from so much different countries and cultures enjoying my music; that’s really an amazing feeling.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!!!

Written by Leinender. Posted in Random Thoughts

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.



PS: Yes, that's just a random copy-paste from internet.

David Guetta booed at DJMAG Ceremony

Written by Leinender. Posted in Random Thoughts

I am usually not really interested in poll results, but this year I happened to see a video of Guetta performing live in the DJ Mag award ceremony. I recall thinking that something doesn’t look right, he was looking very uncomfortable and it appeared that the crowd wasn’t dancing much, something was wrong…

A few days later I came to know what happened and saw some footage from the "party". The crowd literally booed at Guetta when he was announced #1.

I can understand that the crowd consisting mostly of Armin van Buuren’s fanclub plays an important role in that, but still – anybody serious in this industry knows that David Guetta is THE world’s most popular DJ, and he is from 2010, if not 2009. I mean it’s a fact, you can go almost in any country in some small village in the jungle or whatever - you will hear his tracks!

The people booing only show their ignorance, lack of respect and absolute shamelessness. I really admire Guetta for staying that calm and humble, I can only imagine how hard and humiliating that night might have been for him. Beside, the organizers didn’t really seem to do anything to avoid that, it seems like such a dull and awkward atmosphere, very cold with a total lack of any party vibe...

Although I might not be a very big fan of David Guetta’s music, I can acknowledge his accomplishments and respect him as a person for his hard work along the years. And getting that #1 award is absolutely deserved in my opinion.

The irony in all this is that Guetta might probably be one of the few DJs on that poll who didn’t "cheat" and really deserves his position.

Video link:


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