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New directions for 2012!

Written by Leinender. Posted in Business

I can’t believe we are already in 2012! It seems my perception of time has changed, as if time is accelerating year after year… It sometimes feels like a race against time to get things done! No matter what, I never have *enough* time…

Anyway, here it is – we are now engaged into 2012 and the good news is that we have lots of exciting things coming! Here is an overview of some new changes we will implement in the coming months:


We know many of you turn to Youtube to listen to your favorite tracks, and I think as an artist and record label it makes sense to be on Youtube.  At Frozenforce we always aimed at making our content easily accessible to everybody, so we have decided to open a Youtube Channel so you can stream our tracks, make playlists/favorites etc…

Over the coming months we will upload the complete Frozenforce catalogue to our newly created Youtube Channel:

Check it out !


People constantly ask me what’s my Twitter; and when I answer them that I am not on Twitter they look at me as if I come from another planet… I never bothered much to open a Twitter page, because I thought that people on Twitter are also on Facebook anyway, so I didn’t really see the point.

But with the recent problems we encountered with Facebook, I am more willing to give it a try. And I know many of you are crazy about that site… so I guess I’ll join the madness too!


With the recent (re) creation of this blog, you can now know more about what I think/do etc… But I wanted to complete the equation, and also know what YOU think! A lot of people are sending me emails – which I try to answer on time, but it’s not really easy sometime to keep up with all those emails…

So we have decided to make things more interactive, and implement a system to allow comments on this blog. That way if you have something to say about a certain blog article, news or whatever – you can simply post a comment on the site!

I am sure it can lead to some interesting conversations and will be definitely interesting to hear different people’s opinions.


That’s about it for now! We have taken in consideration many of the requests we got through emails, and what people say in general – in order to implement changes that would be good for **YOU**, while being interesting and easily manageable for us at the same time.

Thanks to all of you who have sent your suggestion/comments, we really appreciate and value your input! Hearing from people directly allows us to fine-tune our strategy and shape the future of Frozenforce in general…


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