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7 Instead of 8

Written by Leinender. Posted in Music

I had to write an article about this track, because it is truly a special one. That’s exactly the kind of track that we miss in today’s scene, where the vast majority of released music is totally empty and soulless. I almost listen to it everyday since the last 4 months and I am amazed every single time I hear it!

Out of almost two decades of trance music, it is a highlight for the whole music genre - In my opinion one the best trance track ever created, along legends like The Age of Love and Universal Nation… The kind of tracks that is much more than just music, which literally takes you on a whole different plane of existence.

I was in a kind of creative drought some time back, I was a bit bored with music and not finding new ideas etc – particularly bored with trance… But this track has given me such a kick, it instantly reminded me how beautiful music can be, and why I fell in love with trance in the first place…

I can definitely credit Rank 1 as being a huge inspiration to me, on both an artistic and technical level. Each of their song show off such an incredible level of mastery in audio engineering / sound design that it forces respect! And “7 Instead of 8” has raised the bar even higher…

Tydi - Shooting Stars

Written by Leinender. Posted in Music

Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious – I could listen to this track for hours on repeat! I really like that deep and dark feel it has, the melody is almost hypnotic – the kind that will take you on a journey if you’ll let your mind wander for a while…

I had already heard few of his tracks before of course, but for some reason I never really got into it… It’s only after hearing this particular track that I started to really take notice. So I got the album, put it in my mp3 player and listened to it while working out.

It usually takes me a few days to let new music really “sink in”. It’s like synchronizing with another person’s own universe, so you can grasp and feel what he/she feels. The same way music says a lot about artists and their personality; it's beautiful how music can carry feelings and emotions...

This album is really beautiful in its own ways, under the apparent simplicity it has a very unique feel – something I never heard before. All the tracks have something special - I’m just glad I took the time to listen carefully…



B.o.B - Strange Clouds

Written by Leinender. Posted in Music


Just a few months ago I had never heard of B.o.B – I think I came across “Strange Clouds” on youtube, intrigued by the title… I really liked that sort of edgy rap and decided to dig a little more, check other of his tracks… and finally got the whole album!

I usually listen to almost anything from rock/metal to classical, so I don’t really have preferences for any specific “genre” – what I like is music with style! The kind of music made by people who love what they do – because that’s what makes the difference between “cheap” music and “good” music (IMO).

And this album definitely got style! The production is really fresh and edgy, the lyrics are very different for rap songs, sometimes even quite deep (nothing like the regular gangsta/bitches rap). The overall result is a very stylish and sophisticated rap with some electronic flavor! Loving it!

I really recommend you to check this album, it definitely worth it. It’s on my gym playlist from 2/3 moths and I still want more!!


Check it out:


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