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What's wrong with the new Ferry Corsten?

Written by Leinender. Posted in Music

What’s wrong - I don’t really know… But when Ferry Corsten released his new solo production “Check it Out” it seems a lot of people got upset (?) and started to leave aggressive and insulting comments about that track...

Is it how trance fans are nowadays? Besides getting all their music for free from Rapidshare and co, they now insult artists when they don’t like the music???

I recall when I heard “Check it Out” for the first time, I thought “this is MASSIVE”! And it’s true, it has everything to become a major HIT. I don’t understand how people can label this as “ultra-commercial” - to say the least degrading comments...

The kickdrum and bassline alone are so hard it could be hardstyle! Then comes a MASSIVE trance riff that really reminds me of the great trance era of the early 2000s - you know back when we used to get the chills at every break... Played in a big club or festival this track will make ANY trance fan go MENTAL...

Whatever it is - I think Ferry Corsten produces some of the best trance out there at the moment; his two (solo) latest releases “Feel it” and “Check it Out!” are two major club bangers who really keeps the spirit of trance music – great melody, emotion and energy…

I recommend you check out those two tracks (Youtube links below) if you don’t know them already, it really worth it.

And if you like, why not leaving a positive comment? Great music needs your support...

Youtube links

Ferry Corsten - Check it Out
Ferry Corsten - Check it Out (Music Video)

Ferry Corsten - Feel It
Ferry Corsten - Feel It


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