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Updates - 20/04/2012

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I know I have not been updating you for a while and I’m sorry about that… I have been extremely busy working on different projects; plus I had a very bad cold that I just started to recover from – I was really too tired to update the site...

Regarding my upcoming release “Human Motion” – the music is now completely finished and it will be online very soon! For now, if you didn’t already see it, you can watch the trailer on the site (video section). The shooting was really fun to do, although very tiring and challenging at times – but I’m quite happy of the end result, hope you will like it as well...

The track is now available for streaming in the audio player above! There will also be two remixes along with the Original, and I’m very excited to have Mark Sherry as one of the remixer - I can’t wait to hear his take on my track – I know it will be amazing! The second remix will come from Belgian trance producer Vincent Licata, with whom I already collaborated on many projects like “Etherium Cycle” or the remix of “Mike Kharlan – Balearic People”...

Talking about Vincent Licata, I am also working on a remix of his new single “Warm Like Summer” featuring Jacinta – which sounds very promising. For this remix I’m trying to sort of “get back to the roots” with a very simple lead, typical of the 00s trance era – I don’t know yet how it will turn out, but I’m having fun doing it!

Well that’s it for now, I’ll give more info soon – stay tuned!


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It always amazes me to see how much shameless people can become when it comes down to money... It’s like when money is there, nothing else matters – pride, honesty or even friendship is instantly sidelined – it just doesn’t matter anymore, only the potential gain does.

I wonder if they realize how sick they look with greed in their eyes, ready to stab anyone in the back just to grab some $$$. In one sense it is quite amusing to observe people in this situation, they always look the same: avoiding eye contact and discussion, trying to cowardly walk away as fast as they can... And no matter the amount - be it 10€ or 10 Millions – it’s always the same dance.

The irony is that when people play this game on me, I actually feel sorry for them more than angry; sorry to see them falling so low for something which is nothing but a simple piece paper – when it’s not only a number in a computer.

I believe we all have a purpose and everybody has a different set of lessons to learn from this life. Avoiding the temptation of greed is a one of them, a very important one. So better start now and avoid yourself the pain in the future – because life WILL throw it at you in one way or another, eventually.

Updates - 19/02/2012

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Just to give a little update on what I have been doing...

I think the weather is getting better here, so we will probably start shooting the music video of my new single “Human Motion” in the next two weeks. Everything is almost set and ready, just waiting for some better temperatures!

In the meantime I have produced a new track – incredibly fast this time – I just finished the mixing and I got it back from the mastering studio this week itself. It’s very different from what I usually do, this time I wanted to experiment a little outside of trance…  Let’s see how it will work!

Also my remix of Balearic People together with Vincent Licata on Beyond Recordings is now in stores if you want to grab it! It has gotten some nice support lately, thanks guys!

Mike Kharlan - Balearic people (Vincent Licata vs Leinender Remix)

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In the last weeks of December I was working – along with Vincent Licata – on our remix for Mike Kharlan – Balearic People. The starting was a bit difficult, time for us to find the right workflow...

Vincent started the first draft on which I added my own changes, finally after a bit of experiment, the track went back and forth and so on until the final version… I have to say this collaboration was really interesting as it made me try new things, and experiment with new softwares/plugins!

If you want to hear the final result, our remix is now out on the label Beyond Recordings – as a part of the “Gold Remixes Vol 1” compilation. You check the links below for purchase and audio streaming.




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